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Document scanning is still the most important part of the record management system service we offer.

We would like to highlight our capability of scanning very large amounts of business documents in very short timeframes, at the best price in the region.


Document scanning and indexing service

Free up your office space and transfer your business to digital form with our affordable services.

Take the stress out of your projects and make your records accessible for easy searching and distribution within the entire organization. At the same time, increase the efficiency of your employees with select access to vital information at any time and from any location.


Not only is document scanning cost-effective, but it can also improve the productivity of your employees on a daily basis. The possibility of online access to documents for all your employees in real time is invaluable. Efficient retrieval of documents will increase the productivity of employees and customers as well as provide you with important business benefits. Therefore, we believe that document scanning should be part of all document management programmes of all companies.


With our top quality equipment for fast scanning, we can offer our customers efficient scanning of very large amounts of documents at the lowest possible price. This makes us unique and our scanning services suitable for all tasks related to large amounts of sensitive documents. We enable your business to manage a structured online archive.


Black and white or color, TIF, PDF or JPEG format, 100-600 dpi, 0-255 characters in the index field, export in any file format – get your documents in the format that best suits your business needs. Finished projects can be delivered in the desired form of storage media, including CD, DVD, USB, and HDD. We can import them to your or our server or instantly share them via our secure cloud platform. Receive your login and connection information via encrypted e-mail.

Indexing and capturing metadata is key to effectively searching documents and will provide your employees with administrative tools necessary for instantly locating records.

We can manually index the fields at your request and rename your scanned images accordingly. Alternatively, this information can be collected using optical character recognition (OCR) during scanning. This metadata provides information necessary for efficient searching and cataloging of documents, as well as limiting access for your employees.

Due to our expertise, the scanned documents are appropriately organized in accordance with GDPR legal guidelines.

At ARHIVSERVIS, we offer our customers a 24-hour scanning service, allowing you to keep up with your projects by the next day.

In a very short timeframe, we can arrange pickup and transport with our vehicles tracked via GPS and employees who come directly to your office and collect your documents for scanning. Our scanning facilities are located at the company's headquarters, near the very centre of the city and the main roads, because we continue to strive for being the fastest door-to-door scanning service in the industry. We will also return your documents in pristine condition and in archival boxes immediately after scanning.

Take advantage of our professional and fast instantaneous scanners for large amounts of documents, regardless of your needs.

We are ready to offer the possibility of free scanning specimens of business records to potential clients to verify the advantages the digitalization process provides, as well as the superior quality of our service.


You need quick access to a key document that is already physically stored with us. We can deliver it via encrypted e-mail within 15-60 min with our on-demand document scanning service. Tell us what you need and we will find the document for you, scan it, and deliver it via encrypted e-mail, all of this at a lower cost than physical delivery. Most of our clients sometimes need only 0.5% of their documents. Pay for the delivery of only the scans you need at the moment you need them.


We have been improving our service for the last 25 years in order to provide first-class service you expect, all at the lowest possible price. Get the most out of your record management partnership with ARHIVSERVIS and get in touch for a low-cost business scanning quote today.

Why Arhivservis?

  • Reduced expenses
  • Compliance with legal regulations
  • The highest level of security and protection of stored documents
  • Standardized system of retrieval, management, storage, and archiving
  • Quick and easy access to documents and information