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SECURE document management

  • The highest level of security and protection of stored documents in Croatia
  • Compliance with legal regulations
  • Transparent storage costs – no hidden fees
  • O`Neil standardized online barcode management system for storage and archiving
  • Same day / next day delivery
  • Quick searching
  • 100% chance of retrieval
  • + more than 250 satisfied customers

Never waste time searching for documents again.

An administration employee spends an average 4 weeks per year searching for out-of-place documents. How many times have you given up before even finding them?

All your archival boxes are accompanied by a barcode, which means we have a complete overview of the documents from the moment they are collected in your office – all deliveries and returns until exclusion and shredding, including who/whom/where/when with an electronic signature in our system.

Free up your time and focus on the goals ahead of you.

A whole range of small companies which are blindly and unsuccessfully trying to follow ARHIVSERVIS appeared in Croatia, so check:

  • their conditions, legal compliance and certifications
  • their capabilities and capacity
  • their liquidity and credit rating
  • their staffing, number of employees, and qualifications
  • their overall operational capabilities
  • their equipment, software, and backup
  • their false references
  • their systems of protection and security
  • their plan in the event of a crisis or disaster
  • their contingency plan