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We create of a list of contents/specifications when packaging documents in archival boxes.

As part of our premium service, we guarantee that we will safely transport your documents from the moment of collection, through storage and delivery, until the final shredding.

Delivery of documents at the user's request is carried out through a request by an authorized person and a delivery order, on the basis of which we deliver the requested documents to your office, even right to your desk if you so desire, within our contractual timeframe.


With all our professional drivers, you can rest assured that your archival boxes will be quickly and safely delivered in one of our 15 vehicles tracked via GPS.
Quick retrieval of documents.
100% availability.
100% access.
Fast delivery.


We use O`Neil software for secure storage and tracking of your files. RFID barcodes in combination with O`Neil online platform for managing and ordering allow you to track all stages of storage and delivery. Follow your whole archival box or even individual documents from their creation to shredding.

We have never lost a single document with this system.


Quick access to documents is essential for business continuity.
Delivery options:
– Standard (the next day)
– Urgent (120 min)
– Express (during the night or on public holidays)
– E-mail delivery of scanned documents
All of this is included in the standard service.

All our vehicles are monitored via GPS.

Our staff uses wireless hand-held scanners with GPS capability, ensuring that your documents are available at every stage of storage at our high-rack archival storage location, as well as during the stages of transport and delivery from our archival centre to your office and back.

To ensure effective retrieval of documents, we use O`Neil RS-SQL software.
O`Neil is a leading global supplier of barcode systems for the document management industry.
In the past 30 years, O`Neil has become a reliable partner of more than 500 companies in more than 180 different countries.

All documents and archival boxes sent to the secure management storage are monitored throughout their whole life cycle, from creation to shredding.

Get reliable, efficient, and personalized document packing, collection, transportation, and storage service in a wide range of financial and industrial sectors, tailored to your needs through the archive management system.

We optimized the secure collection, transport, and delivery of documents for companies in all sectors.


We aim to ensure and maintain the lowest cost of regular collection, transportation or delivery of documents at your request in accordance with your needs.

Free delivery of empty archival boxes.
Free transportation of documents for companies with headquarters located within a 35-kilometer range of Zagreb.


Contact ARHIVSERVIS today and get a cost analysis with no obligations.

We promise to always provide you with the best possible service at the best price.

Why Arhivservis?

  • Reduced expenses
  • Compliance with legal regulations
  • The highest level of security and protection of stored documents
  • Standardized system of retrieval, management, storage, and archiving
  • Quick and easy access to documents and information